Tom Stacy: A top anti-wind activist who got paid by a fossil fuel funded group

Tom Stacy once staked the credibility of his Ohio-based anti-wind power group on a claim that they had received “zero dollars and zero cents” from the energy industry, but that was before he became a paid consultant for a fossil...

/ April 2, 2018

Murray Energy’s war on clean energy in Ohio

Murray Energy lobbied on a bill to roll back renewable energy "mandates" in Ohio, while it fought for government intervention to bail out coal-fired power plants.

/ March 9, 2018

How Will Utilities Vote On The Latest Climate Denial Model Resolution At ALEC?

Updated on Dec. 6 to include reference to a letter from the Edison Electric Institute, NRECA, Chevron, Honeywell and UPS expressing concerns about the ALEC resolution.  In a test of where fossil fuel companies and electric utilities stand on climate...

/ December 4, 2017

Washington Renewable Energy Policies Attacked

In 2006, Washington voters passed Ballot Initiative 937 creating what was, at the time, the country’s second renewable energy standard (RES). The RES requires large utilities to obtain 15% of their electricity from renewables, excluding hydropower, by 2020. Hydro is...

/ July 28, 2015

Texas Renewable Energy Policies Attacked

The Texas Senate voted in mid-April to eliminate the state’s renewable energy standard (RES) with a party-line vote of 21-10. Senator Troy Fraser argued that the state had accomplished the RES and introduced SB 931 to repeal the law. But...

/ July 28, 2015

Oklahoma Renewable Energy Policies Attacked

The Oklahoma State Legislature reached a compromise with the wind energy industry 2015, passing two bills, that would phase out the state’s five-year property tax exemption for wind energy projects and eliminate wind energy’s eligibility for a job creation tax credit in the state, in...

/ July 28, 2015

Colorado Renewable Energy Policies Attacked

The Colorado renewable energy standard has seen attacks in the legislature and the courts from anti-clean energy front groups. In the courts, the Heartland Institute highlighted the fossil fuel-funded Energy & Environment Legal Institute (EELI)’s law suit claiming that the state’s renewable energy standard (RES) was unconstitutional...

/ July 28, 2015

Heartland Institute

The Heartland Institute is a fossil fuel-funded front group with over $800,000 in contributions from fossil fuel interests that has routinely attacked clean energy policies and the science behind climate change. In 2012, Heartland was the center of controversy after comparing people that believe...

Front Groups Spread Disinformation in Attempt to Freeze Ohio Cleantech Laws

Front groups backed by utility and fossil fuel companies spread disinformation to back up legislation that freezes Ohio's Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard.

/ April 16, 2014