New Zealand

Case Wind Farm Location Year Type Decision New Zealand Wind Farms Limited v. Palmerston North City Council Te Rere Hau Palmerston North 2013 Higher In favor of wind farm Meridian Energy Limited v. Hurunui Bistrict and Canterbury Regional Councils Hurunui...

/ August 14, 2014


Case Wind Farm Location Year Type Decision Fata v. Director, Ministry of the Environment Bow Lake Ontario 2014 Environment In favor of wind farm 13-124 Kroeplin v. Moe Armow Ontario 2014 Environment In favor of wind farm 8/7/20148/7/2014 South Kent...

/ August 14, 2014


Case Wind Farm Location Year Type Decision Cherry Tree Farm Pty Ltd. v. Mitchell Shire Council Cherry Tree Victoria 2013 Civil In favor of wind farm Paltridge and Ors v. District Council of Grant and Anor Allendale East South Australia...

/ August 14, 2014

Analysis: Americans for Prosperity Anti-Wind Letter, June 2014

Americans for Prosperity spearheaded a letter published as a full page advertisement attacking the production tax credit. Sixty organizations are either funded by fossil fuel interests or have known ties to the Koch Brothers’ political network.

/ June 16, 2014

Wind energy is a key wedge in the fight against global warming

Wind farms reduce greenhouse gas emissions and must be deployed to limit global warming's impact

/ April 18, 2014

Property Values Not Hurt by Wind Farms

Studies find properties that host wind farms are worth more after turbines installed. Nearby properties are unaffected.

/ April 13, 2014

Michigan Releases Report on Renewable Energy Benefits Amidst Front Group Attacks

The Michigan Public Service Commission released a report detailing how renewable energy is saving consumers money and leading to robust business investment.

/ November 5, 2013

Confidential Documents Reveal Fossil Fuel-Funded Organizations Coordinating With Local Anti-Wind Groups

Network of fossil fuel funded organizations secretly coordinated campaign to turn the American public against wind farms

/ May 10, 2012