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Southern Company’s Lobbying Disclosures Obscure State-Level Information from Investors, Public

[…] goal, Southern Company is actively lobbying Congress for “environmental regulatory relief, generally,” according to its first quarter 2020 federal lobbying disclosure. Southern Relies on Limited State Filings to Obscure...

/ April 30, 2020
Flooding in Norfolk, VA

As floodwaters rise in Southeast, Republicans divide on whether to name climate change as cause

[…] AFP said this month that it would spend $1 to $2 million in a “ first round” of ads attacking Gillespie’s opponent, Ralph Northam, with more to come. Gillespie...

/ September 19, 2017
Utility Corruption

As Householder trial begins, EPI releases guide for policymakers to protect ratepayers from utility scandals

[…] acceptance of $60 million in bribes to his political organization, with the money originating from FirstEnergy before winding its way through a series of dark-money organizations. In return, FirstEnergy...

/ January 26, 2023

Richard Fink: The Koch Brothers’ Big Tobacco Man Behind the Kochtopus Curtain

[…] Economy in 1998 when it unsuccessfully campaigned against CA Prop 10. This was not AFP’s first attempt to shill for Big Tobacco. In 2006 AFP campaigned to oppose tobacco...

/ January 2, 2016

FirstEnergy Ohio Bailout – Bad for Ratepayers, Bad for Ohio

Stop the FirstEnergy Coal Bailout! Sign the Petition!    FirstEnergy is attempting to push a $3 billion dollar bailout through the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) in a sweetheart deal for...

/ January 19, 2016

Tucson Electric Power: Ignoring Water, Climate Change Risks

[…] is half-empty, and Lake Mead has shrunk to the lowest levels recorded since it was first filled in the 1930s. The City of Tucson’s Water Plan 2000-2050 shows the percentage...

/ June 16, 2017

Dr. Robert McMurtry

[…] from that activity. Rather, the party attempting to rely on a novel scientific theory must first establish threshold reliability before the fact finder may consider it.  The Supreme Court...

/ August 14, 2014

Dr. Carl V. Phillips

[…] will experience some health effects is not supported by the evidence for the following reasons. First, Dr. Phillips provided little rationale for his predictions regarding the number of people...

/ August 14, 2014

Southwest Gas launches a pro-fossil gas social media influencer campaign

[…] half dozen Instagram influencers in 2018 to make posts promoting gas stovetops. After Rebecca Leber first reported the marketing campaign for Mother Jones, nearly all of the influencers deleted...

/ April 25, 2022