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Recent Media Coverage

Co-op News: US electric co-op giant Tri-State promises a switch to renewables, 8/9/2019

Associated Press: Nuke plants’ rescue jolts conservatives, environmentalists, 8/2/2019

Columbus Dispatch: Editorial: The more you learn, the worse House Bill 6 looks, 8/2/2019

Think Progress: Trump’s big coal backers paid for a new tax to prop up outdated energy in Ohio, 8/1/2019

Climate Crocks: Picker losers: Ohio energy bill is a dumpster fire, 7/28/2019

Columbus Dispatch: FirstEnergy handed out $1 million in campaign cash before bailout vote, 7/28/2019

Vox: Ohio just passed the worst energy bill of the 21st century, 7/27/2019

The Intercept: Ohio Republicans balked at a nuclear bailout, so the industry elected new Republicans — and walked away with $1.1 billion, 7/26/2019 

Plain Dealer: Capitol Letter, 7/26/2019

Toledo Blade: Think tank: Nuclear plants’ bankrupt owner spent heavily for bailout, 7/24/2019

Florida’s biggest coal plant is switching to natural gas. So why aren’t climate activists cheering?, 7/23/19

Climatewire: In Colorado, a coal-heavy co-op offers a climate plan — and suspicions rise, 7/19/19 ‘Reineke failed’: Nuclear bailout bill without referendum amendment moves on to full Senate for vote, 7/17/19

Entergy’s emissions reduction goals would yield higher emissions than it produced in 2017, 7/11/19

Florida’s Utilities Keep Homeowners From Making the Most of Solar Power, 7/7/19 Reineke takes campaign checks from FirstEnergy Corp. before cosponsoring their bailout bill, 7/2/19

Energy News Network: Ohio wind setback lawsuit spurred bill to block similar legal challenges, 6/28/19

Gizmodo: Another Top EPA Official Is Out Amid Ethics Scandal, 6/26/19

ecoRI News: Dirty Front Groups Endanger Planet’s Present and Future Health, 6/22/19

Columbia Law Review: Climate (Non)Disclosure, 6/22/19

DeSmog: Thousands of Fossil Fuel ‘Observers’ Attended Climate Negotiations: UNFCCC Data 2005-2018 for COP1-COP24, 6/21/19

Daily Kos: Utility AEP Knows Public Want Renewables, But Makes Them Pay For Coal Lobby Membership Anyway, 6/20/19 Afraid of change, or backed by special interests? The truth behind the fear-mongering Seneca Anti-Wind Union, 6/18/19

Energy News Network: As state negotiations falter, Line 5 backers ramp up public campaigns, 6/19/19

Inside Sources: Proposed Nuclear Bailouts in OH, PA Get Mixed Reactions From Industry, 5/24/2019

Plain Dealer: Nuclear bailout bill shows how big money can be put to work in the Ohio Statehouse, 5/23/19 

PV Magazine: California prevents utility from paying EEI dues with ratepayer funds, 5/21/19

Columbus Dispatch: Capitol Insider, 5/19/19

Louisville Public Media: LG&E/KU Customers Stuck Paying For Disbanded Trade Group, 5/15/2019

The Nation: The Energy Industry’s Secret Campaign to Get Us to Build More Power Plants, 5/14/19

Inside EPA: UARG’s Demise Shifts Focus To Utility Waste, Water Groups’ EPA Influence, 5/13/19

POWER Magazine: Utility Group Under Congressional Investigation Will Disband, 5/13/19

E&E News: TVA defends its role in trade group, 5/7/19

Columbus Dispatch: Consumers’ office says FirstEnergy amendment will lead to ‘price gouging,’ 5/7/2019

Louisville Public Media: Did Louisville Ratepayers Help Fund Anti-Solar Lobbying?, 5/1/2019

Daily Kos: Republican Ohio Rep: Starve The Poor So We Can Fund Nuclear Industry, 4/30/2019

Cincinnati Enquirer: Nuclear power companies have spent millions lobbying for subsidies. Should Ohio, other states bail them out?, 4/29/2019

Michigan NPR: Report warns Enbridge, DTE, part of pipeline “bubble” that could burst, 4/29/2019

ClimateWire: Free-market think tank fuels war against EVs, 4/29/2019

Arizona Daily Star: Tucson Electric Power draws scrutiny over ties to pro-coal advocacy group, 4/26/2019

DeSmog: Wined and Dined by Energy Industry Consultant, State Utility Regulators Met With Its Client, 4/24/2019

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Congressional probe looks at lobbying group funded by Ameren, other utilities, 4/22/2019

Crain’s Cleveland Business: Why are Ohioans footing the bill for FirstEnergy? 4/21/2019

Politico Pro: Democrats look at utility dues to UARG, 4/17/2019

The Plain Dealer: FirstEnergy and its allies, seeking nuclear plant bailout, have spent millions on influence campaign, 4/16/2019

Columbus Dispatch: FirstEnergy Solutions bailout debate kicks off at Statehouse, 4/16/2019

Think Progress: Republicans push anti-wind bills in several states as renewables grow increasingly popular, 4/15/2019

Clean Cooperative: Tri-State executive involved with anti-Clean Air Act group since 2005, 4/13/2019

Beaver County (PA) Times: Report: FirstEnergy Solutions has paid millions to lobbying, public relations firms, 4/12/2019

Tampa Bay Times: Florida could soon bury more power lines. Customers might pick up the cost, 4/11/2019

Aberdeen News: Trump wrong about wind energy, 4/9/2019

Phoenix New Times: APS Documents Revealing Millions in Spending Leave Many Questions Unanswered, 4/4/2019

Arizona Republic: APS acknowledges spending millions to elect Corporation Commission members, after years of questions, 3/29/2019

Washington Post: Trump’s $100 trillion price tag for the Green New Deal may have come from a tweet, 3/21/2019

Mountain Journal: What’s up with the Green New Deal and what does it mean for the west?, 3/13/2019

DeSmog: Trump Budget for Renewables Slashed 70% Under Former Koch Insider’s Leadership, 3/13/2019

Arizona Republic: Price for public officials who break the law to do APS’s bidding? $225, 3/6/2019

AZ Capitol Times: Local elected officials face fines for opposition of Prop. 127, 3/5/2019

Arizona Republic: Arizona attorney general says 28 officials broke law by opposing clean-energy measure, 3/4/2019

PV Magazine: Fossils go hard after solar in Spotsylvania, 3/4/2019

Farmington (NM) Daily Times: Proposal to study CCS technology at San Juan Generating Station rejected by Senate panel, 3/4/2019

Santa Fe New Mexican: Lawmakers question carbon tech proposed in plan to keep San Juan plant running, 3/2/2019

Farmington (NM) Daily Times: Utility wins, for now, in bid to delay filing for San Juan Generating Station abandonment, 3/1/2019

Sandusky Register: Wind turbine syndrome full of hot air? 2/28/2019

PV Magazine: Milwaukee pushes back against We Energies’ monopoly, 2/18/2019

Energy News Network: Ohio clean energy groups will seek recusals from PUCO nominee, 2/13/2019 

Utility Dive: Ohio governor taps wind critic Randazzo as utility commission chair, 2/6/2019 

Columbus Business First: DeWine picks Columbus lawyer as new PUCO chairman, drawing praise and criticism, 2/6/2019

The Inquirer: Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial featuring clydesdales and wind power draws big numbers online, 2/4/2019 

The Plain Dealer: Governor DeWine faces first major energy-related issue with PUCO commissioner appointment, 1/31/2019 

Michigan NPR: Consumers Energy agrees to stop dark money donations for two years, 1/29/2019

Energy News Network: Michigan regulators clamp down on utility’s political spending, 1/28/2019

Mother Jones/Huffington Post: Here’s How an FDR Works Project Could Become the Centerpiece of a Green New Deal, 1/24/2019

Climate Liability News: Utilities Knew: Report shows power industry studied climate change, stuck with coal, 1/16/2019 

E&E News: A Texas group that rejects warming is favored by Trump, 1/7/2019 New watchdog report exposes Seneca Anti-Wind Union’s ties to Big Coal, 12/13/2018

Entergy’s sponsorship of Cyndi Nguyen’s holiday parade raises questions, 12/11/2018

MotherJones: What qualifies you to become a top Trump energy regulator? Telling your son to deny climate change, 12/6/2018

RTO Insider: McNamee advances to Senate floor, 11/27/2018

PowerMarketsToday: Anti-renewables video muddies McNamee’s prospects, 11/26/2018

UtilityDive: Senate Dems seek to postpone McNamee FERC vote over video, 11/26/2018

UtilityDive: FERC nominee McNamee slams green groups, renewables in Feb. video, 11/21/2018 

UtilityDive: Vogtle in sight as money pours into Georgia regulator race,  11/2/2018

WABE: In The Races For Ga. Public Service Commission, More Attention — And Money, 10/23/2018

UtilityDive: Utility spending on major Republican groups outpaces Democrats over 2:1, EPI finds, 10/18/2018

Inside EPA: Wehrum met at former firm with former clients despite ethics pledge, 9/21/2018

The Guam Daily Post: Solar provider seeks answers ahead of net metering changes, 9/16/2018

RTO Insider: Democrats Call Out ‘Partisan’ Remarks by FERC Chief, 8/23/2018

Washington Examiner: Trump readies ‘military plan’ to save coal, 8/22/2018

Media Matters for America: Fox’s Tucker Carlson pushes misinformation about wind power, 8/20/2018

Think Progress: Trump reveals how little he knows about his coal and nuclear bailout plan, 8/20/2018

Think Progress: Murray Energy backs opposition to offshore Ohio wind farm, 8/6/2018 

Energy News Network: Complaint: utility-backed group in Michigan violates tax, campaign laws, 8/3/2018

UtilityDive: APS spends $11 million to keep 50% renewables measure off ballot, 7/18/2018

Greentech Media: Another study argues electric cars are bad for the environment. It’s demonstrably false, 7/18/2018 Small electric systems challenge Alabama Power’s profits, request refunds, 6/28/18

Arkansas Business: Following the fueling opposition to Wind Catcher, 6/18/18 

PV Magazine: Arizona’s dirty energy politics, 6/14/18

Michigan Radio: Watchdog- Consumers Energy spends millions in dark money to defeat legislators, limit competition, 6/12/18

Think Progress: Kochs invest in company set to benefit from coal and nuclear bailout, 6/12/2018

Beaver County (PA) Times: Report: Energy lobbyist paid $1 million in bailout campaign, 6/6/2018

Greentech Media: The lobbying bills attached to FirstEnergy’s coal and nuclear emergency action, 6/5/2018

RTO Insider: More questions than answers for FERC, RTOs, 6/5/2018

Midwest Energy News: Michigan law gives activists new venue for holding utilities to pledges, 5/30/2018

DeSmog Blog: Koch-Backed and Anti-Renewable Energy Groups Wooing Interior Department Official, 5/23/2018

Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times: Political spending by utilities has jumped, boosted by opposition to rooftop solar, 5/17/2017

Miami New Times: Florida’s Energy Companies Are Spending More Money Than Ever on Lobbying, 5/17/2018

KAUF: Wind Catcher opposition may have fossil fuel ties, 5/17/2018

NOLA Times-Picayune: Entergy opponents: ‘New Orleans residents were deprived of their rights’, 5/15/2018

Think Progress: New Orleans electric utility confirms people were paid to support its power plant, 5/11/2018

Utility Dive: Entergy says it had no knowledge of paid support for New Orleans gas plant, 5/11/2018

Michigan Campaign Finance Network: ‘It will send a message’: some of the first state senate ads of 2018 are funded by secret donors, 5/10/2018

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Georgia PSC election war chests helped by Georgia Power, affiliates, 5/9/2018

PV Magazine: New Orleans: Actors paid to oppose solar and wind, push for power plant, 5/7/2018

Chattanooga Times Free Press: TVA audit: Jet purchase not ‘cost effective’, 3/30/2018

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Watchdog group questions legality of Ga. PSC commissioner’s deleted texts, 3/29/2018

Utility Dive: Indiana governor taps Republican lawmaker for Utility Regulatory Commission, 3/27/2018

Midwest Energy News: Ohio lawmaker circulates study on theoretical turbine accidents, 3/23/2018

PV Magazine: Murray Energy’s war on clean energy in Ohio, 3/10/2018

Associated Press: Company Spends $2M Lobbying for Atlantic Pipeline, 3/8/2018

WABE Atlanta: Watchdog Group: Ga. Public Service Commissioner Too ‘Cozy’ With Ga. Power, 3/6/2018

Utility Dive: New Arizona renewable ballot initiative could spark utility opposition, 2/15/2018

The State: Dominion hires former SC Gov. Hodges as lobbyist as SCANA buyout heats up, 1/5/2018

The Post & Courier: Golf, Beaches and Power: How utilities wine and dine the public officials that set your rates, 12/31/2017

Utility Dive: Demand charges or ‘efficiency rates’? EEI wants a word change, 12/20/2017

Esquire: The Power Companies Are Ripping You Off, 12/15/2017

The Post & Courier: Power Failure: How utilities across the U.S. changed the rules to make big bets with your money, 12/10/2017

Vox: A moment of truth arrives for Rick Perry’s widely hated coal bailout, 12/11/2017

Bloomberg: Koch-Backed Business Group Splinters in Climate-Change Dispute, 12/8/2017

ThinkProgress: Koch-funded network targets New Hampshire’s renewable energy policies, 12/4/2017

Midwest Energy News: Secrecy surrounds pro-coal group eyeing Ohio wind cases, 12/4/2017

Hartford Courant: Critics Fault Eversource for proposing business fees be charged to ratepayers, 11/30//2017

Bloomberg: Koch-Funded Group Prods Trump’s EPA to Say Climate Change Not a Risk, 11/15/2017

ThinkProgress: Environmentalists just gained a new enemy in the fight against natural gas pipelines, 11/6/2017

Charleston Post & Courier: Two identical nuclear projects, one in Georgia and one in South Carolina. Only one survived, 10/29/2017

Vox: Rick Perry’s plan to subsidize coal and nuclear plants is bonkers, 10/4/2017

Miami New Times: Why Didn’t FPL Do More to Prepare for Irma?, 9/14/2017

Inside Climate News: Perry’s Grid Study Calls for Easing Pollution Rules on Power Plants, 8/24/2017

Miami New Times: Power Companies Pumped $166,400 to Florida Lawmakers Who Control Their Watchdog Group, 8/18/2017

ThinkProgress: Top utilities are spending a lot of money to elect Republican governors, 8/10/2017

The Guardian: Utilities companies won’t let you sell your own solar power. Why not?, 8/1/2017

High Plains Public Radio: For Decades, Texas Utilities Denied Knowing Effects Of Fossil Fuels On Environment, 7/26/2017

Scientific American: Watchdog Group: U.S. Electric Industry Knew of Climate Threat Decades Ago

InsideClimate News: Like Exxon, Utilities Knew about Climate Change Risks Decades Ago

New York Times: Rooftop Solar Dims Under Pressure From Utility Lobbyists

Midwest Energy News: Analysis: Ratepayers foot the bill for utilities’ push against rooftop solar

ThinkProgress: This is how the Kochs’ anti-renewable agenda becomes White House policy

New York Times: The Deep Industry Ties of Trump’s Deregulation Teams

UtilityDive: Report: Power customers’ ‘forced’ to fund EEI political activities

Texas Monthly: What Will Rick Perry’s Delayed Energy Grid Study Say?

Miami Herald: FPL drafted portions of bill that puts tough requirements on rooftop solar companies

Midwest Energy News: Advocates say industrial lobbyists play outsized role in blocking clean energy in Ohio

Washington Post: The Trump administration has a new energy buzzword

New York Times: Trump got nearly $1 million in energy-efficiency subsidies

ClimateWire: Staff wary but ready to work with Pruitt amid new email dump

Huffington Post: Scott Pruitt goes after critics, EPA in his first speech to the agency

Climate Crocks: Chamber of Commerce – “Hell to pay” if U.S. backtracks on climate

Santa Fe New Mexican: Reader View: A deceptive attack on rooftop solar

ClimateWire: Clean energy left out of new White House energy plan

PV-Magazine: Solar disappears down the memory hole on White House website

ClimateWire: Exxon lobbied against a $10 carbon tax in Mass.

TechCrunch: Trump’s manufacturing council includes Elon Musk, Michael Dell and Mark Fields

Gizmodo: A Brief Chat With Elon Musk About Climate Change, Rex Tillerson, and Donald Trump

Buzzfeed: Trump’s SEC Nominee Told Firms To Admit Climate Change Risks

International Business Times: Donald Trump and climate change: SEC nominee Jay Clayton works at firm that encourages companies to disclose their climate risks

MarketWatch: Trump’s SEC pick pushed clients to say more about climate-change risks

Climate Crocks: Trump appointee warned of climate impacts

Inside Climate News: Rex Tillerson’s record on climate change – Reality vs rhetoric

Vox: Ohio clean energy standards are toast unless Gov. John Kasich steps in to save them

Columbus Business First: PUCO’s Howard Petricoff faced confirmation obstacles from the start, emails show

Grist: 5 lessons activists can learn from Florida’s successful ballot fight to defend solar

UtilityDive: Florida’s Amendment 1 defeat shows why solar won’t be stopped, Trump or no Trump

Tampa Bay Times: Power surge: Utilities dump another $3.5 million into Amedment 1

Tampa Bay Times: After leaked recording, solar amendment campaign scrubs its web pages

Miami Herald: Insider reveals deceptive strategy behind Florida’s solar amendment

Fox 4 Fort Myers, FL: Experts say solar amendment is misleading, not pro-solar

ABC 7 Sarasota, FL: Solar Amendment Summary

Grist: Why is this liberal congresswoman spreading anti-solar arguments?

Washington Post: Vote delayed on Hogan nominee accused of feeding information to governor’s staff

The Baltimore Sun: Gov. Hogan’s nominee to utility regulator faces Senate grilling over emails

NUVO: The fight over Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act 

The Guardian: Nevada’s solar workers and customers reel as new rules ‘shut down’ industry

Florida Center for Investigative Reporting: Big Energy Pours $1.9 Million Into Anti-Solar Group

Press Releases

FOIA documents reveal that industry demands were directly reflected in bogus DOE coal bailout plans

Florida PSC Nominating Council Set to Interview and Vote on Finalists, a new site from EPI and Center for Media and Democracy

Florida Utilities Pour $3.5 Million More Into Anti-Solar Amendment 1

Utility-funded PAC caught attempting more “political jiu-jitsu”

Special Interests Behind Anti-Solar Ballot Initiative Consumers for Smart Solar

Clean Power Plan Published – Here Is The Utility Industry’s Strategy To Overturn It

Ohio Energy Study Committee Relied Upon Flawed Testimony

Fossil Fuel-Funded ALEC Behind Attack Colorado Renewable Energy Standard

Beacon Hill Institute EPA Attack Funded Through Richard Berman Front Group

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