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PNM, Edison Electric Institute lead deceptive attack on rooftop solar in New Mexico

[…] customers, but to monopoly utilities like PNM. EEI leads the attack on rooftop solar In 2012, the trade association for investor-owned electric utilities, the Edison Electric Institute, recognized rooftop...

/ February 21, 2017

Two Controversial Virginia Gas Plants Face Increasing Uncertainty, Documents Show

[…] group demanded that the SCC postpone its public hearing on the project, scheduled for May 12. “Residents in the path of this project shouldn’t also have to fear the...

/ April 29, 2020

Strings Attached: How utilities use charitable giving to influence politics and increase investor profits

[…] in most recent 5 years (2013-2017): $38,919,576.00Name of Foundation: APS Foundation, Inc.APS Foundation Giving (2013-2017): $12,957,6252017: $2,780,7002016: $1,648,1002015: $2,921,3002014: $2,583,8402013: $3,023,685*APS’  figures are from filings to the Arizona Corporation...

/ December 10, 2019

Indiana Energy Association

[…] unfair.” He also submitted letters to the editors of several local papers as well as testifying on behalf of IEA supporting HB 1320. The bill was eventually pulled from the...

/ July 28, 2015
The Kemper "clean coal" power plant.

Southern Company Says Kemper Not Viable as Coal Plant, Blames the PSC

[…] a decade before he became governor and began representing it again upon leaving office in 2012.  Despite the questionable ethics of a sitting governor working hand-in-glove with his own...

/ February 27, 2017

Ohio Renewable Energy Laws Attacked

[…] funding. Utah State is also the fifth-biggest recipient of money from Koch-linked foundations among all colleges since 2012. In addition to serving as the “Koch Professor” at USU, Simmons runs the “Koch Scholars”...

/ July 28, 2015
AMEA and Cooperative Energy Customers on the Hook for $200 Million in Excess Profits

Southern Company Wins Hundreds of Millions in Profit from Rural Residents and Businesses

[…] complaint. The average AMEA and Cooperative Energy residential or commercial customer would have paid approximately $433 of “excess” profit to Southern Company and its investors every year, according to...

/ June 10, 2019

After Irma will the Southeast copy post-Sandy rebuild plans?

"This is going to be a very, very lengthy restoration ... what we think we’ll see on the west coast is a wholesale rebuild of our electric grid."

/ September 14, 2017

Oklahoma Renewable Energy Policies Attacked

[…] sources like wind, solar, and hydro. In addition, the cost of wind energy has fallen nearly 60% in the past five years, enabling the industry to be cost competitive even without subsidies in many...

/ July 28, 2015

Arizona Net Metering Attacks

[…] latter is a municipal utility that is governed by board of directors, not the ACC. 12 of 14 board directors of SRP voted to approve solar-rate charges that will...

/ July 28, 2015