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AMEA and Cooperative Energy Customers on the Hook for $200 Million in Excess Profits

Southern Company Wins Hundreds of Millions in Profit from Rural Residents and Businesses

[…] provided โ€œrate certaintyโ€. On May 15, 2019, the Settlement Judge recommended FERC โ€œapprove the Settlement without modification or condition.โ€ FERC has not accepted the settlement as of the time...

/ June 10, 2019

Falmouth Wind Farm Case: The Outlier

[…] when turbines were operating were not included in documentation, but ambient noise approached 40 dBA without turbines so it can be assumed that under the worst circumstances noise outside...

/ August 14, 2014

North Carolina Renewable Energy Standard Attacked Again

After using last yearโ€™s legislative session to deal with Duke Energyโ€™s Dan River coal ash spill, Republicans on the House Public Utilities Committee are bringing back their 2013 attempt to...

/ April 14, 2015

AEP wants customers to fund โ€œclean coalโ€ group behind attacks on renewable energy

[…] โ€œOnshore wind and solar PV power are now, frequently, less expensive than any fossil-fuel option, without financial assistance,โ€ according to a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency....

/ June 17, 2019

After Irma will the Southeast copy post-Sandy rebuild plans?

"This is going to be a very, very lengthy restoration ... what we think weโ€™ll see on the west coast is a wholesale rebuild of our electric grid."

/ September 14, 2017

Who knew about bribes paid during FirstEnergy Solutions’ bankruptcy and House Bill 6 bailout campaign?

[…] of 2018.ย  The following month, FES spent at least $1 million dollars on political contributions without Koschikโ€™s awareness or approval.ย  โ€œIn October 2018, FES paid Generation Now another $500,000...

/ November 16, 2021

C. Boyden Gray: Tobacco, Tea Party, and Dirty Energy

As someone with deep ties to right-wing political circles, and strong financial ties to the tobacco industry,ย C. Boyden Grayย fits the bill as the ideal lobbyist for the dirty energy industry....

/ January 4, 2016

NextEra Energyโ€™s failed attempt to purchase JEA highlights web of murky spending, lobbying

[…] types of political spending, including any spending on 501(c)(4) groups which aim to influence elections without disclosing donors.ย  While NextEra does not disclose its individual expenditures, some of its...

/ September 21, 2020

Executive Summary: Why and How Fossil Fuel Interests are Attacking Clean Energy?

Fossil fuel and utility interests, concerned about the rise of cheap clean energy, are financing attacks on pro-clean energy policies, in an effort to delay the growth of a market...

/ May 21, 2014

Arizona Public Service Company Rate Request: Billions for Fossil Fuels, Nickels and Dimes for Solar

[…] into the distribution grid, allowing it to charge more money from ratepayers, and profit more, without actually deploying distributed solar. APS can talk a good game about how much...

/ September 21, 2016