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60 Plus Association

[…] tax creditsย in Louisiana, claiming that solar incentivesย โ€œare costing taxpayers too much and are patently unfairโ€ without mentioning the much larger subsidies handed out to the fossil fuel and utility...

/ April 21, 2016

FirstEnergy attributed Ohio utility regulatorโ€™s actions to $4.3 million payment

A state utility regulator in Ohio acted โ€œat the request or for the benefitโ€ of FirstEnergy โ€œas a consequence of receivingโ€ a $4.3 million payment from the utility company shortly...

/ March 3, 2021

Southwest Gas requesting another large rate increase in Arizona

Arizona customers will pay 11.5% more on their gas bill if the rate increase is approved

/ July 7, 2022

American Gas Association Wants States To Submit Implementation Plans, Not Ignore Clean Power Plan

David McCurdy, President & CEO of the American Gas Association, said last week that he prefers state lawmakers and regulators submit their state implementation plans (SIP) to the EPA, rather...

/ January 26, 2015

NextEra Energy Shareholder Resolution on Sea Level Rise Advances

Shareholders have proposed a resolution to NextEra Energy, Inc. that would require the corporation to report material risks and costs of sea level rise scenarios projecting forward to 2100.

/ April 1, 2016

Candidate for Florida Governorship Pledges To Stop Accepting Utility Contributions

โ€œItโ€™s time the utilities stop spending money on political candidates and instead protect the residents of this state." - Senator Jack Latvala

/ October 31, 2017

Whoโ€™s behind Trumpโ€™s claim the Green New Deal will cost $100 trillion?

President Trumpโ€™s claim that the Green New Deal would cost $100 trillion can be traced back to the Manhattan Institute, a think tank backed by fossil fuel investor Paul Singer...

/ March 14, 2019
Bob Stump, a former ACC commissioner, now runs the Arizona Energy Policy Group, a trade association for Arizona utilities.

Revolving door swings former AZ utility commissioner Bob Stump back into the arms of APS

Stump's new trade association will represent Arizona utilities in front of his former colleagues at the ACC.

/ July 6, 2018
Electric Cooperative Governance Task Force

An โ€œElectric Cooperative Governance Task Force Reportโ€ urging co-op transparency was kept secret until now

[…] the U.S., according to NRECA. In most states, cooperativesโ€™ boards of directors determine electricity rates without oversight by public utilities commissions. Despite the fact that those boards of directors...

/ December 11, 2019
Jonathan Scott solar film Power Trip poster

Jonathan Scott talks to EPI about taking on utilities in solar film “Power Trip”

"Entrenched utility interests are attempting to maintain their death grip on our energy sources, and they will try to squeeze out anyone who interferes with their profitability."

/ November 13, 2020