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Renewable natural gas and hydrogen reports

Compilation of RNG and hydrogen reports Many reports have been released in recent years that detail the pitfalls of increasing fossil gas infrastructure investments that will use RNG and hydrogen...

/ January 6, 2022
Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning on CNBC

Tom Fanning Floats Misleading Updated Greenhouse Gas Goal

The updated greenhouse gas goal, as described by Fanning, would allow Southern Company to claim “net-zero” emissions by taking credit for transportation electrification, despite the company’s continued use of fossil...

/ April 16, 2020

Mississippi Power Doubles Down on Uneconomic Coal Despite Southern Company’s “Low to No Carbon” Claim

Mississippi Power, a Southern Company subsidiary, is spending as much as $96.8 million to extend operations at the coal-fired Plant Daniel, despite the fact that the utility could save customers...

/ March 17, 2020

Connecticut Renewable Energy Policies Attacked

Representative Mitch Bolinsky introduced a bill, HB 6026, in January 2015 to freeze Connecticut’s Renewable Energy Standard. The legislation proposed would have suspended the clean energy law for five years,...

/ July 28, 2015